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Aluminium Armature Wire Pack



£21.98 including shipping.

This is soft annealed aluminium wire for armature making or similar.

Soft annealed aluminium wire benefits from being ‘dead’ when moved (no spring back) ideal for animation enthusiasts wanting to use a wire for stop-motion purposes. This aluminium modelling wire is soft and malleable enough for shaping and bending with just hands, whilst still being rigid enough to maintain its shape.

Aluminium wire is a soft and malleable perfect for crafts such as modelling/armature making/doll making/jewellery making and flower arranging.

This pack includes available:

1 x Spool x 1mm x 75m (150g)

1 x Spool x 1.5mm x 30m (150g)

1 x Spool x 2mm x 20m (150g)


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