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Anibild® ONE Basic Armature


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The stop motion modular kit was developed by Anibild®. It contains all you need to build your very own armature ready to flesh out in clay for stop motion or sculpting (clay not included).

Anibild® ONE is a basic wire armature; the ideal choice for those starting out in animation and don’t want to invest hundreds of pounds.

Build wire armatures for stop-motion or sculpting maquettes
A fully customisable design to suit most character’s needs
Fully machined and re-useable brass joints
Easily replace worn out/broken wires
Threaded tie-down system
Magnetic tie-down system
No gluing or soldering
Anibild ONE is completely customisable to suit your own characters specifications. Cut the wire to size, plug-in to the joint and tighten with a grub screw – it’s that simple. Kits are modular and allow different sections to be replaced – if your puppets arm should break, un-plug and re-plug with fresh wire.

The kit comes with 2 different gauges of aluminium wire. It includes thinner 1mm for arms and fingers and thicker 1.5mm wire for more load baring limbs such as legs. What’s more, the two different gauges of wire come in two different colours so you never get them mixed up (plus it also makes your Armatures look cooler!). You can twist 2 or 3 x 1.5mm strands together to make supporting limbs or use 4 x 1mm strands to make the arm and fingers in one! (see picture).

This kit’s biggest advantage is that it comes with steel feet and very powerful super magnets so you can magnetise your puppet to a set top, or alternatively use the M5 threaded feet/bolt and wing nut to tie your puppet to a set top! Making your puppet hold it’s position is such a valuable tool when animating unsupported walk/run cycles and standing.

The kit also includes 2 x 8mm and 2 x 10mm blank white Delrin plastic eye balls for you to decorate with pupils as you wish. (Delrin lends it’s self to drilling a pin sized hole into the centre to help with animating!)


3 x meters 1.5mm aluminium wire (blue)
3 x meters 1mm aluminium wire (green)
2 x breast/hip joint
2 x feet (steel with brass boss) plus M5 thread in foot plate for tie-down
1 x head block
2 x 8mm blank Delrin plastic eyes
2 x 10mm blank Delrin plastic eyes
10 x slot head grub screws
1 x diagram
Contents also include tie-down pack:

2 x super magnets 10mm x 5mm (for use on metal set tops – magnetise feet from above or below)
2 x M5 bolts
2 x M5 washers
2 x M5 wing nuts


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