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Anibild® TWO Intermediate Armature



Anibild® TWO – An intermediate armature kit unlocks endless possibilities.

£54.98 including shipping.
Build your characters and creatures from scratch using precision engineered, stainless steel, professional parts.

For best results, glue all balls with a threading compound Lactate (not included)

Key features:

14 engineered stainless steel joints
Hardened stainless steel balls and socket head screws
One piece foot (mild steel for magnetization)
Integrated rigging system
Solid stainless steel threaded bar system

Anibild® TWO is a precision-engineered armature to deliver maximum effect required by intermediate level animators. The kit contains stainless steel joints with hardened stainless steel balls and socket head screws to make a humanoid armature. The joints are compact, strong and robust lending themselves to short film and collage students. Anibild® TWO also contains a rigging point for your character, which is fully integrated with the Anibild® Professional Rig system to support and execute technical and dynamic animation moves with your puppet.

Anibild®, although technical in it’s specification, is incredibly easy to assemble. All balls and bars are M3 threaded and can be secured into the balls using a strong thread-lock (not included).

*Joints are 15mm in length. We recommend armatures being no larger than 30cm tall.

Full contents:

8 x 6mm stainless steel single joints

6 x 6mm stainless steel double joints

28 x 6mm stainless steel balls

1 x steel shoulder joint

1 x stainless steel hip joint (with rigging point)

16 x steel socket head grubs screws

2 x hand mechanisms

6 x 25mm M3 stainless steel rod with thread

7 x 50mm stainless steel rod with thread

4 x 10mm M3 steel rod with thread

1 x Allen key

1 x M2.5 / M3 wrench

1 x 1mm x 3m spool of aluminium wire (for fingers)

Additional screws and fixings

1 x Instructions

Anibild® will also require basic hand tools to put together (not supplied).


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