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Sticky Lip Sync Decals Set



£8.98 including shipping.

1 sheet per pack contains:

15 shapes x 5 rows decals with teeth

15 shapes x 5 rows decals without teeth

All 1/6th scale (approx. 4mm – 10mm in size)

Laser-cut lip sync decals for hard heads. No cutting, easy peel, high res print, low tack, matt finish.

The range of shapes covers: A / I C / D / E / G / K / N / R / S ‘TH’ / L M / B / P L / OU F / V / EE O / U / W / Q ‘OW’ / ‘AGH’ Open tween 1 Open tween 2 ‘UGH’ / Sad Closed small Closed large Happy Sad

Decals are best used on ‘solid’ heads – by which we mean character heads that have a solid/flat area to stick the mouths to (see example).

The mouth decals are sticky on the reverse and can be pealed on and off for lip syncing. Match the appropriate mouth shape to your dialogue. Always keep decals in a safe place – you wouldn’t want to loose one to the bottom of your shoe!


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