Andy’s New Book!

Our amazing InspirEd animator Andy has released his second book!  *See below for more details…


Hexjibber’s Hobbies: Volume 1contains all the entries from August 2010 – August 2011 in Andy Sykes’ illustrated blog Hexjibber’s Hobbies.

Andy created the blog as an showcase for quick ideas, musings and observations. Inside, are amusing and bizarre tales from bus journeys, library visits, work, shopping trips and other day to day things.

See an entire year through the bizarre and whimsical eyes of Hexjibber. Also, make sure to check out the continuing adventures at: and




You can book an animation / illustration workshop with Andy through our website.  A popular choice is our 2-3 day ‘Monsters V’s Aliens’ workshop.


*note to parents & teachers, the book has a few naughty swearwords in so may not be appropriate for young children.

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