Animation – Any Theme

Our Animation workshops can be based around any theme or curriculum subject.  We’ll be happy to create a bespoke project based on your requirements.

 All of our workshops cater for groups of 15 students at a time (Half a class).  A full class can be split over one or two+ days depending on the workshop.

Stopmotion Animation with a theme of your choice

Type: Animation, Art & Design

InspirEd Animation Workshop – Photo©HUE

Possible themes: LEGO, Minecraft, Solar System, Any book or poem, Monsters V’s Aliens, Wind In The Willows, Ooglies (CBBC), Nursery rhymes, maths, history, myths & legends etc.

Key stage 1-4

Skills: ICT, literacy, speaking & listening, music, editing, animation, art & design, group work

Description: Working with a professional Filmmaker, the children will create characters and design their own animation sets. Using storyboard and stopmotion software the participants will create their own short films based on a chosen theme.  Once filmed the children will edit, add sound fx’s and voice-overs to their creations.