Another happy customer!

We recently took part in a Creative Partnerships project at a Primary School in Bradford.  The children we’re making tv soaps using Bradford City Football Club as a setting.  Their theme was various morels.

The InspirEd team accompanies y’rs 5 & 6 to BCFC to so a recce of the stadium.  We took some flip cams so that we could film some cutaway shots for the final soaps.  We then with the help of the staff filmed, edited produced music for their productions.  I have to say that the teachers did ann amazing job in prepping the children for their shoots.

This is what a teacher had to say….

“Thank you for getting the DVD to me so quickly.  We watched it with the children and staff in the hall and we all laughed and laughed until our faces hurt!  We all thought they were brilliant and I loved the way you put the DVD together.  It’s brilliant!”

Unfortunately we can’t post the films due to child protection but I can confidently say that all 6 soaps were amazing. You’ll just have to believe me!

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