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A Brief history of animation.

Steamboat Willie 1928. The first appearance of Mickey Mouse.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937. The first animated feature film.

The Flintsones 1960. The first prime-time television series.

The Simpson’s 1987. Created as an adult sitcom and is the longest running American television series to date.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988. A creative mix of live action and hand drawn animation.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993. A commercially successful feature film that brought stopmotion to new audiences around the world.

Beauty and the Beast 1991. A mix of traditional and computer animation.

Toy Story 1995. The first computer animated feature film.

Notable Disney films and their characters

Snow White 1937 – Snow White, a princess hunted for her beauty.

Cinderella 1950 – Cinderella, Treated as a house slave by her stepmother.

The Little Mermaid 1989 – Areil is fascinated by humans and will defy her Farther to walk among them.

Beauty and the Beast 1991 – Belle loves to read and is brave and compassionate towards the Beast.

Milan 1998 – Mulan takes her fathers place in the army disguised as a boy.

Up 2009 – The main character Carl is an OAP.

The Princess and the Frog 2009 – Tiana is the first Disney Princess to be black.

Brave 2012 – Princess Merida thwarts all of her Mothers attempts to make her a ‘proper lady’.

Frozen 2013 – Anna is optimistic, quirky, awkward and impulsive.

Types of animation

Traditional hand drawn

Computer animated (CGI)


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