InspirEd Workshops has partnered up with BIC KIDS to provide free lesson plans for schools.  You can download our lesson plans from the BIC KIDS website.  We hope that the resources in Teachers Corner are useful.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our lesson plans please let us know!

Here are our exclusive offers for Teachers using some of our lesson plans.

Invite InspirEd Workshops into your school to assist you in delivering a film or animation project.  We’ll run a workshop using one of our BIC KIDS lesson plans with the view of inspiring both pupils and teachers in the art of film and animation.

Wonka Weather MapWonka Weather Report

InspirEd Workshops will spend the day with your class scripting and filming a Weather Report InspirEd by the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Flip Book Animation

We’ll help you turn your flip books into real animations using MacBooks, webcams and simple software.INspiration Workshop

Invent a Cartoon Character and then animate it

Our Artist will show your pupils how to turn their illustrated deign into a flexible puppet which can then be animated.

Storyboard Artist – Turn your storyboard into a film or animation

Let us take the children’s storyboard ideas and show them how to make their own movie.

Film the News

Pupils will learn how to write a script, film an interview and create a video news report using flip cams, MacBooks and editing software.

Our other lesson plans…

Colour Me Maths

Cave Art

Make a Thaumatrope

Invent a Magical Device

Promote a Magical Device

Ancient V’s Modern Olympics

Alliterative Animals

Tudor Fashion

Volcano Eruption

Chromatography Patterns

Cube Shape Net

Design a Space Station

Wax Resist Dinos

If you would like to enquire about any of the above workshops, please email or call Dawn on 07887768046