We deliver fun and interactive team building workshops for business’s throughout the UK.

Encourage your staff to ‘think out of the box’ with a bespoke film or animation event.  We have two amazing projects on offer, both are great for developing communication, co-operation and confidence. We practice what we preach.  All of our team currently work in the media industry, so why not learn from the Pro’s!

All of the equipment and materials are provided, all we need from you is your staff. So have a look at our exciting workshops and get in touch today for a quote.

Make An Advert

Film or Animation
Up to 60 people in a day, 30 at a time.

Delegates work in teams to produce an advert.  They can promote something fictional, a real product or something related to your business.  This is an exciting opportunity to use either film or animation.

Film encourages role play as participants will need to perform in front of camera.  It’s also great for budding directors who think they’ve got what it takes be the next Spielberg.   Delegates will learn the basics or filmmaking, performance and editing techniques with our professional film team


Fancy animation? We use stop motion which is how Wallace and Gromit is made.  It’s a fantastic hands on activity that requires patience and a cool head.  It can get nice and messy as we provide paint and other art materials to decorate the sets, props and plasticine characters.  They’ll then animate and record voice overs.  If that sounds a little too arty we have loads of Lego.  So why not go back to childhood and create a funky Lego animation instead. Just let us know what you prefer.


Film The News

Up to 60 people in a day, 30 at a time.

Working in teams participants produce a news programme based on current events, fictional stories or something related to your business.

We’ll work with the delegates to produce a 3 minute news show using basic film, presenting and video editing techniques.  It’s great for developing communication and presenting as participants are encouraged to write scripts that are ‘to the point’.  Presenting to camera isn’t easy but our team of film makers will help your staff to come out of their shells.  The skills we teach can then be used in the future to film your own news stories for the company’s website or Youtube page.


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