Discrimination Workshop Success!

Last week we were invited by South Leeds Media to deliver a discrimination workshop.  The participants were adults or all ages, some with disabilities.  The session started at 10am and finished at 2pm and ran over two days.

We were challenged to come up with an imaginative workshop which would look at discrimination in a creative way.  Using film and animation as a vessel we helped the learners confront challenging subjects like race, sexuality and religion.

We wanted the learners to think creatively so we ‘stranded’ them on an imaginary Island which was free from discrimination.  They were given the task of establishing the Islands rules and building a shelter by working together.   The Participants then made a promotional video about their Island in an attempt to get more people to come.

Day two was all about animation.  We’d explored discrimination from an adults point of view so we gave the learners the challenge of making an anti discrimination video aimed at school children.  We tasked them with creating a very simple 3 step story, building a basic set, animating it and then adding voice over and music.

We really enjoyed delivering this workshop and the feedback we’ve received from both the client and the learners have been extremely positive.   We were successful in creating a comfortable, safe place where the participants could talk freely about their own experiences, and not feel judged when talking about contraversial subjects.  It allowed them to develop their thinking skills in a different way to what they were used to.  As adults we are rarely challenged to think differently.  Using your imagination and not being closed minded can really help when faced with difficult situations.



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