Egyptian Madness Sneak Peek

The InspirEd team have been working with a school in Bradford for the past year. The pupils have been learning about the Egyptians. We thought it would be a great idea if the children made their own TV show about some of the things they have learned.

We had a team of 5 artists working both in school and in the studio to help the children produce a 6 minute sketch show. We spit them into production teams each being responsible for a different element of the project.

We worked with 6 classes from yrs 3 and 4…

Yr 3 designed some Egyptian characters which were then animated by the team at Yorkshire Edit who also edited the film.
The children also designed the sets for the sketches which included making pyramids and hieroglyphics.

Yr 4 wrote the scripts and performed in the video. They created 3 sketches; Doctor Doctor, Mummy Attack and Pharaohs Den. Each sketch was based around current tv shows like Blue Peter, Dragon’s Den and an advert.

Below is the animated intro of the video. The characters were created by Yr 3 and animated by Owen at Yorkshire Edit

We will be posting more clips in the future.


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