Social Media Policy

Keeping your children safe on our social media pages.

When a child takes part in an InspirEd workshop the end result is almost always a video.  For

convenience we post them online for parents and children to view and share.


We will only post photos or videos online if we have parental permission.  However animated videos

will be posted as they contain no faces of children, only their voices.   If you do not wish to have your

child’s voice on an animation please let the Lead Artist know before the workshop.


As the children work in groups there may be an occasion where we can’t post a video they’ve made

online.  This is because one or more of the children don’t have consent for the work to go on the web.

If this happens we will send you a private link to the video and ask you to respect the wishes of the

other parents.  Please do not post the video online.


If you do not wish for your child to be filmed or photographed they will be asked to stay behind the

camera and not perform.   This should not limit their enjoyment as there are many roles other than

acting that they can do.


Any photographs that we take during a workshop are for promotional purposes and are the property of

InspirEd.  Some images will be used on Facebook and our website as well as in posters and flyers.


The children’s completed films will be hosted on our Youtube page.  Our website and Facebook page

will link to them.   We are happy for parents to share the videos providing your children have made them.

Please don’t share other children’s work.


If you havn’t given permission and you see an image or video of your child on one of our web pages,

please contact us and we will remove it straight away.


Like our Facebook page for information about future events.  If your child has enjoyed learning with us

please share the page with your friends and leave us feedback.  Any negative feedback will be gratefully

recived via email.  Please send to


Photos and videos of the workshop will be posted on the event page which can be found on the left

hand side of our Facebook page.


If you haven’t filled in an online booking form you wiil

be asked to sign a consent form at the start of the workshop. Please make sure you allow time to read and

sign it before leaving your child.


You can download the policy here Social Media Poster InspirEd