Make An Advert

 All of our workshops cater for groups of 15 students at a time (Half a class).  A full class can be split over one or two+ days depending on the workshop.

Make An Advert For Your School

Age: Yr’s 3 – 6

Skills: ICT, Literacy, Speaking & Listening, Drama, Camera, Editing, Marketing, Team work.

Equipment Provided: 10 Flip Cameras, 10 Apple Macbook Laptops

Description: Using video examples, worksheets and group discussion the pupils learn about unique selling points and target audiences before filming their adverts. They will then spend time working in groups using professional dv cameras or flip cams to film locations and activities throughout the school. This is then followed by an editing and music session.

What have people said?

“The workshop was extremely fun and the children have really enjoyed making their own films. The staff worked well with the children and had a positive and friendly attitude” St Stephen’s Primary School

“It was a great sucsess, thankyou” Sacred Heart R.C Primary

“Thanks for a really great day, the children got a lot from it” Godley Primary School


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