InspirEd Animation Starter Kit

Get started with animation with our NEW ‘InspirEd Starter Kit’

All of the materials in the kit are used by us during most of our animation activities. We’re confident that your children will love making characters with the professional animator clay and other bits and pieces. It also includes a handy ‘getting started’ info booklet with hints and tips from Dawn Feather, our Little Boss and Lead Artist.
It’s something that we’re quite proud of because it will hopefully encourage your little ones to explore animation further at home.

What’s in the kit?
Animators choice modelling clay – Rainbow colours
InspirEd Superdude crayon
Premier drawing pad
12 coloured pencils
6 pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
And most importantly, a getting started guide to animation by yours truly. It contains info about software, hardware, modelling characters, making background sets and some hints and tips I’ve developed throughout my 14 years of teaching creative media to children. 

£10 per kit.

Available to buy from…

Etsy shop HERE.

Ebay listing HERE



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