Journalism is the process of gathering, writing and reporting news.  It applies to various media, but is not limited to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

All of our workshops cater for groups of 15 students at a time (Half a class).  A full class can be split over one or two+ days depending on the workshop. 

Video News Team – Write, Present, Film



Age: Yr’s 3 – 6

Skills: ICT, Literacy, Speaking & Listening, Drama, Camera, Editing, Journalism, Team work.

Equipment Provided: 10 Flip Cameras, 10 Apple Macbook Laptops

Description: Working in groups the children will research, write, present, film and edit news reports about a subject of your choice.  Previous themes have included ‘Tudor News’, ‘Our Local Area’ ‘What makes me different’ ‘World News’ and ‘What makes our school great’.





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