New 2014 Curriculum Workshops Are Here!

Do you need some Inspiration for the new 2014 curriculum?  Why not take a look at our workshops designed around KS2 & KS3 topics.


  • Make an advert for your school – The class learns about unique selling points and target audiences before shooting and editing an advert promoting the school.

  • History News , eg. ‘Shang Dynasty News’.  Using any history subject the children find out facts, script, film and edit a news show.
  • News Team, any subject –  This is a video journalism workshop that can be based around any subject, usually something that’s been in the media.  For example we’ve done some Tour de France and World Cup themed ones.  The children find out facts and then speak them to camera before editing the clips into supportive archive media.

  • Documentary, any theme – The same format as above.  The children find out facts, film and then edit the clips into archive media.  This is a great one for science.  Think the transportation of water in plants, the solar system, the human digestive system etc.

  • Explorer diary-cams, any country –  The children are asked to build a dairy den out of sheets and other materials with the aim of filming inside them.  They’re now explorers who have traveled to a country of your choice.  The aim is to record diary-cam entries about what they have learned while visiting that country.

  • Animate a book/poem – The children choose a scene from a book/poem they are studying and adapt it into a script which is then animated.
  • Animate the Solar System – Using plasticine and other art materials the children animate the solar system.
  • Animate Maths – A popular workshop that gets the children more engaged with word based maths problems. 
Of course if you have an idea for a workshop that involves film or animation feel free to run it past us.  We’re very happy to create a bespoke project just for you.


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