‘New Planet’ Press Release

**CapeUK PRESS RELEASE** – Date 26/5/2010

Rodillian’s Rocket Launch to New Planet

Young people from Rodillian School, Lofthouse are celebrating the completion of the first phase of ‘New Planet’ – their mission to save the world’s population from extinction.

Year 7 pupils received a videoed message earlier this year from the fictional ‘Ministry of Information and Security’ that explained; “Planet Earth will not be able to sustain human life beyond 2030, because humanity has caused irreversible damage to the environment, and is unlikely to change its ways. We have twenty years in which to save the situation and save humanity. You have all been chosen to undertake this ‘Ministry of Information and Security’ experimental project.”

The ‘Ministry of Information and Security’ then explained that they had identified in a nearby constellation, eight planets whose environment is capable to sustaining human life. The atmosphere, climate, land, sea and wildlife are broadly similar to Planet Earth, but with the important distinction that they have never been touched by human hands.

Each Class team was allocated to a planet, and required to establish an identity for that planet. The aim of the first phase of the project was to decide on the best model of society that will allow humanity to be preserved and kept alive, exploring issues concerning survival, resources, shelter, food, water and sanitation.

On Thursday 27th May at Rodillian School, the Ministry will be deciding which model to adopt and to which planet the Earth’s population will be transported to.

New Planet has enabled students and teachers to have a hands-on approach learning and the opportunity to explore creative learning techniques together.

Lisa Singleton, Creative Curriculum Leader, Rodillian School says; “Working in partnership we wanted to understand more how the 5 R’s (resilience, resourceful, reflective, reasoning and responsible) and Learning to Learn study programmes could be embedded in a Year 7 curriculum through project based work in Humanities and Performing Arts. As a result this project has had a positive impact on young people, promoting independence, confidence and a more active, fun way of learning.”

Pupil – “I have really enjoyed this project because it has given me the opportunity to do different subjects in a creative and exciting way.”

This project is being delivered as a partnership between Rodillian School, CapeUK, artists from InspirEd, Yorkshire Edit, Lost Dog Theatre and Thinking Space.

  • CapeUK is a leading independent research and development agency in the field of creativity, learning and development. CapeUK are the delivery agency for the Creative Partnerships programme in West and South Yorkshire.
  • InspirEd run film making and photography workshops
  • Yorkshire Edit are a video production company
  • Lost Dog are an experimental theatre company
  • Thinking Space promote philosophical enquiry within schools

Madeline Irwin, CapeUK Programme Director (West Yorkshire); “This is a wonderful example of CapeUK’s Creative Partnerships projects taking place across Yorkshire. Creative Partnerships inspires young people, creative practitioners, teachers and parents alike – giving these fantastic opportunities to be creative and access culture.”

To find out more about Creative Partnerships please call CapeUK on 0845 450 3700.

Go to for more information on how the project was funded

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