RE with an animation twist!

Ever thought of using animation in RE? Neither did we until a secondary in Burnley asked us to deliver a project about the Pentecost.  We were very happy to take on the challenge and devised and delivered 2 x 2hr  animation sessions.  We usually like to spend more than 2hrs creating an animation but it didn’t seem to halt the children’s creativity.  The yr 7’s and 8’s showed excellent intuition and problem solving as they didn’t have props or backgrounds to create their stories.

The pupils will finish off their animations without us using the schools PC’s.  The project is a great example of how InspirEd and teachers work together to deliver creativity.

The InspirEd team will certainly look forward to the next time we run an RE session as religions stories are excellent content to animate.

The students animated 14 films in total, below are our favourites.

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