Ripon Bronze Arts Award

We were invited to work with Ripon Holy trinity as part of the Ripon Museums Arts Award scheme. In collaboration with the museum we delivered a 4 day programme of Stopmotion animation skills for year 6 pupils.

This was a challenging project to deliver because the school is 2 form meaning we needed to run each session 4 times. The classes were divided into 4 groups. Below is an example of some of the things we did with the pupils. InspirEd Workshops delivered the practical animation sessions and staff from Ripon Museums lead the rest.

 Class 1AClass 1BClass 2A Class 2B
Thurs 6th
June AM
Animation challengeResearching their ArtsInspiration.  Writing up WorkbookWatch Early Man. Film critique. WorkbooksWatch Early Man. Film critique. Workbooks
Thurs 6th
June PM
Researching their Arts Inspiration. Writing up WorkbookAnimation challengeStory developmentStory development
Friday 7th
June AM
Watching Animation Film then breaking into groups to discuss.  Fill in workbooks.Morphing animationResearching their ArtsInspiration.  Writing up Workbook
Morphing animation

Monday 17thJune AMCharacter & set buildingCharacter & set buildingLesson developmentTeach younger class to model
Monday 17thJune PManimationanimationLesson developmentTeach younger class to model
Thursday 27thJune AMLesson developmentTeach younger class to modelCharacter & set buildingCharacter & set building
Thursday 27thJune PMLesson developmentTeach younger class to modelAnimationAnimation

To start we taught a simple skills lesson to introduce the children to Stopmotion animation. We started by learning how to animate a ball rolling across the table at two speeds. The lesson concluded with the pupils animating a toy eating a tree that grew out of the table.

In order to achieve an Arts award the pupils were required to plan a lesson to deliver to a younger class. In this instance the yr 6’s delivered a modelling and Stopmotion lesson based on my first skills workshop. It was a pleasure to watch the children do this and it really showcased their new skills and confidence.

The finale of the project was to animate a story based on the Morph episode ‘Portable Hole’. The idea is to create a narrative around something disappearing and reappearing from a black hole. Here is a playlist which includes the children’s skill challenges and final films.

Here’s a little video of what we got up to!

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