SELFA Monster’s V’s Aliens

Our last workshop of the summer was with SELFA in Skipton.  We always love to work with children again and again and to be asked to do an additional workshop for SELFA was just marvellous!

We love running our Monster’s V’s Aliens workshop.  It’s a tried and tested project that always gets fantastic results from the children taking part.  Usually our animation projects can run over 2 or more days, however on this occasion we ran a 4hr session.

As the project was so short we had to condense all the best bits, making sure the children got as much out of it as possible without feeling rushed.   In a nutshell we designed and modelled characters, either an Alien or a Monster each.  Then we made some sets.  Once all the making was done we moved onto animation and then sound.  It’s quite a lot to fit into one session but the children worked really well and were totally focused on getting finished.

You can watch the animations here

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