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It’s Easy To Animate At Home

We want to show children (and adults) just how easy it is to get started with stopmotion animation. If you’ve not done stopmotion before it may seem like a complicated process that requires expensive equipment and fancy materials, but in reality it’s as simple as – move an object, take a photo, repeat. If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet you’re already kitted out with the basics needed to make your own film.
Child animating with an iPad/tablet

Help Us Improve Our Animation Starter Kit

The Original Animation Starter Kit was developed for a children’s film festival in 2014. It went down really well with both children and parents as we’d run a workshop and then offer them the opportunity to buy the kit at the end. We only made up a small quantity of the Original Kit. It sold well and we quickly saw its potential.

The Original Animation Starter Kit

We’ve been teaching film and animation in the UK for over 15 years and one of our clients is BIC® Kids, who produce and supply stationary products for children across the world. Our main role with BIC® Kids is to produce creative cross-curricular lesson plans for teachers. We have shown them the Original Animation Starter Kit, and it was their positivity and support that inspired us to want to improve our product. Which is why we can include BIC® Kids Plastidecor® crayons in the New starter Kit – should we gain your support and hit our funding target!

Animation Toolkit supply professional animation equipment and materials across the UK and beyond. We believe that their products are brilliantly made and offer good value for money. Which is why we will be including their eye and mouth decals and professional armature wire in the new kits.

When we put together the Original Kits we created a 2 side flyer which illustrated the basics of animation. We want to replace it with an 8 page booklet. It will include a getting started guide, tips & tricks, background basics, how to make a plasticine model and information about software and equipment. Everything you need to know before you get animating.

Your pledge will help us to…

Improve the packaging – We want to replace the Original bag with a tough pliable box that will keep the materials/products inside safe and intact when shipped.

Include BIC® Kids Plastidecor® Crayons – We believe that by including the BIC® Kids products it will improve the New Kits appeal as we will have the endorsement of a multinational brand with a fantastic reputation.

Include Animation Toolkit products – Their products are of a high quality and the company has a good reputation in the animation industry. Their eye and mouth decals are great for beginners wanting to explore lip syncing.

Design & Print a new 8 page Tips & Tricks booklet – Help us to improve our original 2 side flyer so we can include more information and advice about animation.

What will The New Animation Starter Kit include?

1 pack of 12 BIC® Kids Plastidecor® Crayons

Animation Toolkit eye decals

Animation Toolkit mouth decals

Professional armature wire

1 flip book

1 x 500g bar of rainbow Newplast modelling clay

An 8 page Tips & Tricks animation booklet

Googley eyes

Pipe cleaners

Pom poms


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