This is what we do!

As we have a nice selection of Media professionals at our disposal we decided to challenge our Artist Boffins to create a short promotional video.  We decided to use the Film Nation project as an example of the sort of things we get up to when we’re out and about teaching.

The challenge was to produce a short film using only InspirEd equipment in our lunch hr!  It’s important that people can see what you can achieve with basic kit like flip cams, DV cams, mobile phones and Apple MacBooks with little time to do it in.

The software we used to edit was iMovie.

It is quite easy to produce something like this in 1-2 days with young people depending on age.

We don’t usually blindfold our students and walk them around Leeds City Centre by the way!  The footage is from a documentary about trying to empathise with disabled people.  Watch this space as it will be uploaded very soon to our website. 

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