Video journalism – Current Event

Throughout the year there is always something interesting going on either in the local area or nationally that has the media interested.  It could be a sporting event, an awards show, a Royal baby or something political like the Scottish referendum.  This is a great workshop that allows the pupils to report on events without leaving the school grounds!  We provide the archive footage, cameras and laptops which will allow the little reporters to produce a short video about a current event.

In the past we have run workshops about Le Tour De France, The World Cup and The ‘hole’ in the centre of Bradford

All of our workshops cater for groups of 15 students at a time (Half a class).  A full class can be split over one or two+ days depending on the workshop.

Video Journalism.  2hr session x 2  

Working with up to 15 pupils in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.  (30 in total over the day)

The pupils will produce a short news peice containing archive footage* and interviews.  They will learn basic camera skills, interview technique and video editing

This workshop is great for improving confidence, speaking and listening, literacy and ICT.

*Archive footage will be provided by InspirEd