Animation Kits for all ages

One of the benefits of teaching film and animation for over 18 years is all the knowledge and experience you gain while working with children. That’s why we keep improving our Animation Starter Kits. We’ve learn’t what does and doesn’t work in the classroom as we are constantly testing out new ideas and subjects.

Our original Animation Start Kit has been around for a few years so we thought we’d offer a new selection to encourage new skills and ideas.

New for 2020!

Introducing our NEW Model Maker Kit.

Our InspirEd craft kit is designed with budding artists in mind. It’s jam packed with model making goodies including two types of clay, a wooden armature, body parts, feathers, fabric, foam, cones, wool a pencil set and some Emoji stickers!  

Make furry monsters, fluffy birds, people, morph, animals…the possibilities are limitless. 

Create some claymation characters and animate a story using a smart phone or tablet. We’ve included our ‘Get Started With Animation’ booklet to share some of our favourite animation tips. Download a FREE animation app by searching ‘Stopmotion’ in the App Store, there are loads to choose from. 

Our awesome Emoji stickers are useful for animating emotions. They’re a great way to learn how to do face replacement which is a useful Stopmotion technique for animating faces. 

The Jovi Plastilina is a very soft clay that doesn’t dry out. We use it when running our animation workshops for schools. 

FOAM CLAY® is an air dry modelling clay with small polystyrene beads which makes the texture simple and decorative to use. It’s very soft so is easy to sculpt into different shapes. Perfect for making characters to animate with.  You can also use it to cover different objects like boxes, polystyrene shapes, jewellery, card etc.

We hope you have fun making all manner of different creatures and characters!  

Purchase your kit today in our Etsy shop!

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