Ripon Workhouse Project

Over the course of 3 days we worked with a group of young people to produce animations InspirEd by the Ripon Workhouse.

Participants learned basic stopmotion skills and crafted their own puppets using armature wire, foam and clay. They then animated their films using iPads.

Each participant then went on to earn a Bronze Arts Award!

Day one was spent learning the basics.  We looked at different stopmotion techniques and tested them out using modelling clay, face stickers and iPads.

The Museum is an amazing location to make films so we spent the afternoon walking around the site, thinking of ideas and then storyboarding them.

Day two was dedicated to puppet design.  Each participant designed and made their own character using materials like armature wire, foam, Scupley and Newplast Clay.

On the final day the participants made their stopmotion films.  Some groups decided to use a technique called pixelation which means to ‘animate the body’.  It worked so well with the workhouse locations.

It was an absolutely brilliant project to work on.  We were so proud and amazed by the films the children created.




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