PC Thomas Sweeting

We worked with Ripon Museums and Killinghall Primary school to produce this video about the first Police Officer in Ripon.

Ripon Museums asked us to create a stopmotion puppet that children could use to animate a story about PC Thomas Sweeting, Ripon Borough’s first Policeman.

We were invited to work with year 2 children at Killinghall Primary School and made the film over two days.  Ripon Museums accompanied us at the school and ran their own sessions about the policeman, dressing up as PC Sweeting to give the children an authentic experience.

Filming PC Sweeting at the jail with an inmate.

Clay Characters made by Yr 2 pupils










Working in small groups the children designed and made their own clay characters InspirEd by real police reports written by PC Sweeting.  In addition to stopmotion we also filmed the children talking about PC Sweeting and what it would be like to live in the late 1800’s.   They wrote the questions and answers you see in the film based on what they’d learned from working with the Museum staff and volunteers.

The project is a fantastic example of how using cross curricular subjects can bring a topic to life.

Would you like us to work with your museum or school?  Please get in touch!

PC Sweeting on fire and being dragged off screen


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