BIC Success at The Education Show

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn but I feel like this is something I want to shout about.  After all, it’s not every day you get to share your love of film and animation with so many people.IMG_8375

Let me start at the beginning….

When I was 17 I was asked to help out at a summer film school.  At the time I was doing a Film AVCE at Craven College so the request sounded quite fun.  It was a way to share what I’d learned and also gain some good skills for the future.  The 17yr old me had no idea how import that summer school experience would become.  It opened my eyes to what was possible and showed me that I actually enjoyed doing things other than making films with my friends.

Fast forward 16 years…

I’ve continued to develop my skills in teaching (and video editing), started a company (or two – thank you Prince’s Trust) and still really enjoy sharing my passion for all things film and animation.  Not surprisingly my enthusiasm for what I do has got me noticed and in this instance it was BIC.   Now you’re probably wondering, what does BIC, a stationary giant and InspirEd (My little company) have in common?  We both want to educate children in a creative and engaging way.  BIC wanting to inspire the next lot of writers and illustrators and myself eager to encourage a new generation of film makers and animators.

I was invited to this years Education Show in Birmingham to see our partnership come to fruition.   Over the last few months I’ve been developing some FREE lesson plans for teachers.  BIC asked me to put all of my experience down in the form of worksheets, handouts and structured lessons.  It’s something that I’m very proud of as I really enjoyed putting them together.  Sometimes you can doubt yourself as a practitioner, after all my education is in the form of Media training.  I’m not a qualified teacher.  I’m grateful to the many teachers that I’ve worked with throughout my career.  Each one is different.  Different teaching styles, disciplinary techniques, creative IMG_8380approaches.  It’s because of those teachers that I’m able to teach myself, so thank you.  Thank you to the summer school that first inspired me, the secondary teachers that taught me lesson structure and planning, the primary teachers who showed me the value of creativity and to the pupils who listened and created.

It’s quite easy to forget the value of education, especially as we get older and forget some of the things we’ve been taught.  I was reminded recently that I gave a talk about ten years ago in a school in Grassington.  Admittedly over the years I’ve taught in quite a few places and I’m sorry to say that this particular occasion had been lost from my memory.  I women in her mid 20’s approached me to say that she remembered the talk I gave, she was 16 at the time.  I was thrilled to hear that she’s now doing a PHD in Film Studies.  Now I’m not saying that it was my talk that inspired her to pressure film but what if it was? Are there things that you did 10yrs ago that could have inspired someone?

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that we all have the ability to teach and inspire.  Even people who don’t have any teaching qualifications 😉

We are all teachers

If you are a teacher please get in touch and let me know what subjects you are teaching.  I will be creating more lesson plans with BIC and it would be really useful if I can create plans that are relevant to you.  If you have a particularly hard lesson to plan for let me know what it is as I may be able to create it for you.  All of the lesson plans are FREE to download and use from Teachers Corner on the Bic Kids website


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