Bic Picture Dragon Workshops

We partnered up with Bic Kids to provide the main prize for this years Bic Picture Competition. Children were asked to draw a Dragon and write a poem or short story about it.  Our Little Boss Dawn was tasked with creating an animation workshop which would compliment the competition brief.  The workshop was the main prize of the contest, giving the two winners and their classes the opportunity to work with a real filmmaker and make their own Dragon InspirEd animations.IMG_1094

“I kept the session simple.  Each class was split into two groups of around 15 pupils, working with a group in the morning and a group in the afternoon. We only had two hrs to make an animation so the brief was to create a Dragon using clay and then animate it moving and breathing fire.  The pupils spent the first hour drawing and then making a Dragon out of plasticine and card.  We used card to make the wings as plasticine can be a bit heavy.  The children then made three different sizes of Dragon breath out of tissue paper and other art materials.  The breath needed to go up in size so they made small, medium and large pieces which were similar in colour and shape.   The second hour was spent animating using our MacBooks, iStopmotion and HUE Bendy cameras.  It was wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic and engaged.  I really did have a fab time teaching them.” – Dawn Feather, InspirEd Workshops Little Boss.

The two lovely winners were Ruby, a Yr 3 pupil from Royston and Rebecca, a Yr 6 pupil from Coventry.  They each received one of our Animation Starter Kits so they can make movies at home and loads of Bic Pen goodies. 



The Teachers said…

“Our children had a wonderful experience working with Dawn on an animation project.  It was fantastic to see the children so excited and engaged with such creative learning.  Thank you Dawn!”  Mrs Suzie Wilson, KS2 Leader.  St Augustine’s Catholic Primary.
“It was wonderful to see every child engaged, focused and achieving.  Teamwork was evident throughout the session and the results were amazing.  All materials and resources were provided and the explanations about how to carry out each stage of the animation was clear.  A great time was had by all!”  Kathleen McGuinness, Year 6.  St Augustine’s Catholic Primary.

Ruby’s Mum said…

“Dear Dawn, I just wanted to email you on Ruby’s behalf to say a really big Thank you for the wonderful workshop day at Romanway First School last week. Ruby had a wonderful time and was so pleased that all her class mates had fun. The children all came out of school very proud with their dragons and pen set’s. Ruby was delighted with her bag full of goodies. It was a wonderful experience for them all and will be remembered for sure! 
Thank you” Donna Taney (Ruby’s mum)

Watch the films on our Youtube Channel here!


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