Awesome Emojis Decals

We’re extremely proud to announce the newest addition to our animation shop!  Check them out here.

Our Awesome Emoji decals are designed with stopmotion animation in mind. Perfect for face replacement practice without having to worry about lip syncing.

We designed these stickers to use during our animation workshops. We’ve been teaching stopmotion for a while and these stickers have really helped our participants understand the basics of face replacement.

What’s face replacement? It’s a technique whereby the animator removes a characters face and replaces it with a new expression in order to animate emotion.

We recommend using vaseline on the back of the decals to allow you to easily remove and replace them.

They are made from high quality vinyl and have been designed by us using some of our favourite InspirEd characters. We have Kitty, Monster and our mascot Superdude.

Of course you don’t need to use them purely for animation! They’re awesome emojis, have fun with them! Perfect to decorate a workbook, use them to grade a childs homework or pop them in a party bag.



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