High Praise!

What Teachers have said…


“Our children had a wonderful experience working with Dawn on an animation project.  It was fantastic to see the children so excited and engaged with such creative learning.  Thank you InspirEd!”  Mrs Suzie Wilson, KS2 Leader.  St Augustine’s Catholic Primary.
“It was wonderful to see every child engaged, focused and achieving.  Teamwork was evident throughout the session and the results were amazing.  All materials and resources were provided and the explanations about how to carry out each stage of the animation was clear.  A great time was had by all!”  Kathleen McGuinness, Year 6.  St Augustine’s Catholic Primary.IMG_7888

What Parents have said…


“Dear Dawn, I just wanted to email you on Ruby’s behalf to say a really big Thank you for the wonderful workshop day at Romanway First School last week. Ruby had a wonderful time and was so pleased that all her class mates had fun. The children all came out of school very proud with their dragons and pen set’s. Ruby was delighted with her bag full of goodies. It was a wonderful experience for them all and will be remembered for sure! 
Thank you” Donna Taney (Ruby’s mum)
Hi InspirEd, Gabriel and I had a fun day of animating!  Thanks for uploading the animations from the workshops and particularly thanks for the sound effects on the Golem – all the films were really good and Gabe and I got a big kick out of them. I’ve got an app for my phone now and I’m looking to dig out old flipbooks I made when the boys were little to see if I can make little films out of them. G and I might do something with the old magnet theatre we still have somewhere….”  Rob (Gabriel’s Dad)IMG_7827
I’d like to say a massive thank you for the animation workshop you ran during the February half term in Leeds.  Both my children were fortunate to get places on the 2 day workshop and had a fabulous time devising a story & designing characters and then learning the skills to make it all come to life in an animation.
I love the fact that the workshop combined fun and creativity with learning.  They now have the skills and know-how to make their own animations at home.  The fact that they could allow their imaginations
to run wild and then be able to see their thoughts and ideas come to life in a film is fantastic – and the best bit as a parent, was that we got to see all their hard work (and yours) through the films produced. A lasting memory of what they produced and something they can share with family & friends and be proud of.  Thank you!”  Julia, mum to Ella (10) and Theo (8)
“Tilly loved making her Olaf yesterday and we remade him last night! Looking forward to the YouTube vid!” Nicola Carney (Tilly’s Mum)          

What our Clients have said…


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your support of The Film House – it was an epic effort and we know that this was due in large part to the huge effort of our partners like you and your team.  I hope that you will pass on our thanks to the rest of your team and that we speak again soon.”  Debbie Maturi.  Leeds Young Film Manager, Director Leeds Young Film Festival

“Thanks ever so much.  Both sessions look like an absolutely amazing day…kids loved it.  Both the videos and pictures are amazing.”  Mishka Smith.  BIC UK and Ireland – Trade Marketing Manager StationeryIMG_7904

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